cocopeat is an excellent substrate for indoor plants. It has a good water holding capacity and can retain moisture under low humidity.

Cocopeat is an organic growing medium, made from coconut husks. It is used for all forms of horticulture, particularly in the cultivation of orchids and other exotic plants.

Used by itself with no added fertilizer or soil, cocopeat encourages the growth of healthy root systems in plants. Because it has a neutral pH level, it is suitable for use with most types of plants.

Cocopeat, also known as coir or coco peat moss, is a by-product of the coconut industry. It is harvested from dried coconut husks and compressed into blocks used in horticulture. This is an excellent organic alternative to peat moss because it retains water well; however, it needs to be mixed with another component before using it for seedlings or transplants.

Cocopeat is the fastest growing substrate in the market. It was developed to help farmers keep nutrients in soil instead of leaching into rivers and oceans. The initial intention was to be used for horticulture applications, but research has shown that it can also be great for hydroponics!

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