The fermentation method can be chosen in how to make your own coconut oil. However, this method is not suitable for making coconut oil in large quantities. Do it if you want to make it in small quantities.

As for how to make your own coconut oil with the fermentation method are as follows:
- Prepare the ingredients by choosing good quality, ripe, fresh coconut.
- Peel the coconut then take the flesh and clean it thoroughly.
- Grate and mix with boiled water.
- Then squeeze the grater.
- Pour the grated coconut juice into a bottle or container.
- Let stand and store for 24 hours in a room temperature of 32 degrees Celsius.
- This process will separate the water and oil.

When the water has separated from the oil, strain it immediately. Later only coconut oil is left which is pale white in color.

that's how to make coconut oil by the fermentation method.

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